Alternative to Electric Baseboard Heat

While there might have been a time when baseboard heaters were an excellent way to face the winter temperatures. Nowadays, there are more effective alternatives to face cold seasons.

Baseboard heaters, which are normally found in relatively old houses, are a heating system that runs along the walls of a room. This kind of system serves the purpose of heating an ambiance fairly well. However, it’s been proven to have some disadvantages. For once, they take up a lot of space and at the same time are energy inefficient.

Other disadvantages I’ve found in electric baseboard heaters are that they are quite noisy, and take up a lot of space in the room.

Those are the main reasons homeowners are always looking for more efficient alternatives.

Top Alternatives to Electric Baseboard Heat

Replacing your electric baseboard heat system, may at first sound like an expensive and complicated task. I was thinking the same until I started researching alternatives. Some of my findings showed me it’s actually easier than I initially thought. Here’s what I found:

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High-Efficiency Heaters

As its name implies, this heating system is focused on its energy efficiency levels, and that’s not the best part. If you’re familiar with baseboard heaters, you’ll surely know how noisy they are. The alternative options focus not only on beating their energy efficiency but also the noise levels. 

If you are looking for a quieter system, this is an option you need to consider.  A high-efficiency furnace can keep a room at a consistent temperature, and at the same time do it silently.

These systems, however, do need regular maintenance that can’t be done manually by yourself. While the cleaning of the ducts will eliminate allergens, and reduce the risk of acquiring harmful diseases, you’ll need to consider the cost of hiring a professional.

Radiant Heaters

Based on electromagnetic radiation, this alternative to baseboard heaters shares several advantages with many other options. For once, this is also a quiet system you won’t notice is on while heating the ambiance in a fairly even way.

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Radiant heaters consist of cables and mats installed under the floor. As you may already know, hot air rises, and for that reason, it reduces the wastage of hot air flow to cero. That’s not the only advantage of having a system installed underfloor, as you won’t have to readjust the layout of the room to accommodate the heating system.

Solar Heating System

This is definitely one of the most advanced heating methods you can consider for your home. If you’re into green energy, then solar panels it the right way to go.

This energy works thanks to solar connectors that capture sun rays and transform them into energy. The best part is, the heat produced by the panels is stored for later use, as when the panels are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Be aware, however, that this alternative to baseboard heaters is one of the most expensive ones I’m sharing with you today. Every heating system you choose will require a considerable investment, and solar panels serve the purpose of providing heat to your house while being good for the environment at the same time.  If you’re willing to expend a little more, then I highly recommend this alternative.

Wall Radiator

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Compared to baseboard heaters, wall heaters can warm up a room much faster. These kinds of heaters have fans that help with the distribution of hot air around the room more effectively than baseboard heaters. This is also the reason why you’ll end up saving money on your electric bills.

Another difference you’ll appreciate is that they don’t take up as much space on your wall, making the arrangement of your furniture easier. They are also a silent heating system, and one of the most affordable alternatives.

Pellet Stoves: free-standing and insert stoves

Pellet stoves are biofuel heaters that are considered quite efficient. However, there is a lot to say about the way they look. Not many homeowners fancy this odd-looking chimney in their houses as it’s pretty difficult to match them with a modern type of decoration.

If you already have a chimney in your house but you do not use it, you can acquire an insert stove that fits in there, saving on the ventilation system installation. The other option is a free-standing pellet stove, which can be installed in any place in the room you want.

One thing about these stoves is that you may not get the expected results in big rooms. In small rooms, they will efficiently heat the whole ambiance. However, they will struggle to provide an even temperature in bigger rooms.

Ductless Air Conditioner

If you’re looking for a heating method that may help you save up to 50% on your electric bills, then you really need to consider the acquisition of a ductless heat pump.

Being more compact and visibly attractive, they take up less space than electric baseboard heat and are quieter. As they are hung high on the walls, accommodating your furniture will not be an issue. If all of these advantages haven’t convinced you yet, I’ve found several more to share.

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Being standalone units, you can set the temperature of each room to your liking and turn it off at any given time. They can also heat a room faster than other heating systems.

Camouflage Heating

Of all the options I’ve found that will work as a better alternative than baseboard heating, this is the most exotic and aesthetic one.

Camouflage heating uses infrared rays to distribute the heat evenly around a room, and that’s not the most interesting characteristic. The amazing thing about these heating systems is that they look like paintings. Some companies will even allow you to customize the system with the picture you want.

Among the options that save more energy, this option is eco-efficient, which has a great impact on your electric bills. As I see it, this alternative has it all:

  • Heats every room with the desired temperature. Fast and evenly.
  • Saves energy
  • It’s a decorative item

On the downside, this alternative will take a big investment on your part as these systems are pretty expensive, more so if you decide to go for a custom design.

Underfloor Heating

Again, an alternative that once installed will consume less energy than a baseboard heater. Underfloor heating will provide a warm feeling to your feet and at the same time, the desired temperature around the whole room.

One thing about this alternative is that you can control the temperature of the entire house from one controller but not the rooms individually. You’ll have to agree to one temperature that pleases every member of your family.

Infrared Heaters

Using infrared technology, they emit heat into the environment, making them energy efficient among other beneficial characteristics. They are also quiet types of equipment, which do not have air filters or moving parts that will require maintenance or replacement.

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These kinds of heaters have a characteristic which interested me a lot. They are considered healthy heaters, as they do not dry up the humidity of the room.

You may not know this, but some heaters tend to dry up the space, which may cause skin, eye, and throat irritation. It’s not the case with infrared heaters, which makes them an affordable, reliable, and efficient alternative to baseboard heaters.

Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

This is also a pricy alternative but it’s an expense that may be worth it in the long run, due to the savings in energy costs. You will also need to have outdoor space for the installation of the equipment.

These systems work with an outdoor shed equipped with a heated furnace. This furnace heats and boils water that later radiated to the heaters inside your home, heating it.

Warm homes at a lower cost

Unlike other research where it’s hard to find alternative options to a certain product, this one was actually pretty easy. If you have a baseboard heater in your house and you’re looking to replace it, then there are many alternatives at different price ranges that you can consider.

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Among the environment-friendly options, you’ll find solar heating systems or camouflage heatings based on infrared technology. As we mentioned in the article, these alternatives will require a bigger budget for the initial purchase, but your saving in electric costs will make it worth it.

Of course, it’s not necessary to acquire the most expensive alternative to get great results. There are other options available way more affordable that will help you reduce your electric costs, among other benefits. Underfloor and radiant heaters, for example, share similar characteristics and costs, while ductless air conditioners and infrared heaters are more affordable than others.

Hope this article made your decision easier! Leave us in the comment section what heating system are you considering to replace your baseboard heating.

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