Can You Have a Bedroom Without a Window?

Is it legal? What are the cons? How can I decorate it? All your questions are answered in this article!

Well, to answer your question, you can but it’s not always a good idea.

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Having a bedroom without a window is actually a really big deal. 

But we’ve all been in a position where we’ve needed an extra room in the house, whether it’s for frequent guests or a new family member.

The main question here is: Can you classify a room as a habitable bedroom if it doesn’t have a window? And is it really a good idea? 


Having no windows in a room may actually be more harmful than you’d think! Here are some of the negative effects:

  • A windowless bedroom has a lack of ventilation since there’s a regular flow of air through a window. 
  • An increased risk of mold and mildew due to low humidity.
  • Minimal exposure to natural light may have adverse effects on mental health, quality of sleep, and physical health.  Research shows that there are many positive impacts on a person’s wellbeing due to exposure such as; improved sleep, which may help in reducing seasonal depression, reduced risk of migraines, etc. So get that vitamin D! 


If you’re in a position where getting a window is not an option, then these tips may be helpful: 

  • To improve air ventilation, the installation of an air conditioner may be helpful to cool/heat the air. Another budget-friendly option is a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans (or portable fans) provide ventilation since they circulate the air constantly. 
  • Buying an air purifier may help in tackling the mold problem as they remove airborne contaminants to improve indoor air quality. 
  • Increase lighting in your room by adding lamps, LED strips, etc. And you’ll have to go out more to get the required amount of sunshine for your overall well-being. 

Decorate It!

Windows are an important factor when it comes to interior designing as they can add lots of elements to beauty.

Windows can offer a beautiful view, such as trees, flowers, or the sea which can contribute to relaxation. Curtains complement the overall interior as well. 

So as you can see It’s quite difficult to decorate a windowless room because you also need to consider a lot of factors such as ventilation, size of the room, etc.

But it’s not impossible to do so! 

Color Scheme 

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Due to the lack of natural light and more illumination by artificial light, it’s best to select a color in calm shades.

The best option would be white since it can be harmonious with the interior, and can make the room appear larger! 


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One large mirror or many mirrors may make the room visually larger and can increase the overall illumination since light reflects the mirror. 


Avoid bulky furniture since they disrupt air circulation. Go for limited furniture, else the room can look cluttered. 


Everyone has different circumstances, but you can make the most of what you got! Nothing is impossible, even if it’s to counteract a windowless room. 


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