You can make a room with a slanted wall look cozy with the right design!

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Whether it’s an attic or any room with slanted walls/ceilings it’s quite a challenge to design. But the advantage here is that these slanted walls give a charming look to the interior.

With the right color, furniture and style you can make this room look unique, cozy and beautiful.

After all, the attic shouldn’t be ignored like a haunted storage room, instead, you should give it some love and attention and make it the coziest place for your loved ones!

It can impress anyone and most importantly it can be a place where you can relax and let go of all that stress from work. 

The slanted walls/ceilings give the room a smaller look, meaning you can say goodbye to tall furniture.

But not just that, what about the art frames! How do you hang paintings or pictures on slanted walls? What about curtains or drapes? As you can see there are many difficulties to face when it comes to designing a room with slanted walls.

So unleash that creative side of yours! Because this is going to use a lot of patience, effort and creativity.

And most importantly, have fun while designing! These 18 ideas will help transform that awkward room into something your heart truly desires and will impress anyone! 

List of Ideas To Get Your Dream Bedroom

  1. Paint It!

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Let’s start with the most important factor, the color and the shade you’re going to pick for your room.

Oftentimes, such rooms have smaller windows and may come off as a small space. Which is why painting your slanted walls with a white or light color creates the illusion of space.

Moreover, bright colors reflect natural light, which is excellent in case the room has small windows. Have a good color contrast with the interior and the walls, so your attic stands out instead of looking bland and boring.

  1. Canopy-style

Photo by mark chaves on Unsplash

This is a smart way of creating an illusion. A canopy-style bed is perfect for small spaces (only if it fits) since it creates the illusion of a taller room, drawing the eye upward.

Moreover, this gives a charming look to the room and is especially perfect for teenage girls.

  1. Don’t Add Curtains!

Replace the curtains with shades. This is the best fixture for your teeny-tiny room!

Not only does this let in as much natural light as possible, this also goes well with the slanted walls and won’t look as awkward as curtains. Letting in more natural light helps in reflecting light which gives an illusion of bigger space.

See? Who knew that physics class would come in handy for interior designing. 

  1. Illumination

Remember when I said more light means more illusion tricks? This is exactly what it is.

You can also make it look more fancy by adding a chandelier in the center on the ceiling. This also creates more space instead of using floor lamps!

But, floor lamps aren’t a bad idea either since they act as decoration and a lighting source at once. Especially if you’re on a budget. 

  1. Artworks

You need to be smart and creative with this one. Since hanging artworks can be a challenge when it comes to slanted walls and smaller space.

You should go for a small gallery wall instead of leaving the wall looking awkward and empty. Here’s an example above where the artwork is right behind the bed. 

  1. Storage

This is another factor which is quite challenging since you barely have very little space for storage in your room.

To ensure that your storage takes up less floor space, consider having built-in closets, shelves or drawers.

Having more storage is always a good idea since it leaves the room looking clean and not cluttered!

  1. Houseplants

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Having limited space means a limited number of houseplants. But not to worry!

It’s time to put that slanted wall and ceiling to good use by hanging the houseplants. This will give a very natural feel to the room and will give off a relaxed atmosphere.  

  1. Movable furniture 

Movable furniture may be useful since, well, they’re movable.

Whether you want to change up your room or move furniture which gets in the way.

This is the perfect fix for a small room especially the ones with slanted walls. Desks, for example, can be transformed into dining tables and sofas into beds. This saves space.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

  1. Texture

Adding texture is the way to go! But, when I say add texture I don’t mean add florals or stripes since they can be a bit too much, especially for a small room. But keeping the room plain looks a little too bland.

Which is why you should consider adding wallpaper or textured paint. Though you could also add cushions or bedsheets to give the room a more vibrant touch. 

  1. Furniture 

When deciding on furniture for a small room, always go for something that’s light and delicate. They will leave your room less cramped and more lit up.

A minimalist bed for example will fit into any slanted wall and leave a lot of space above it since the bed is made from a pallet of wood. Intelligent shelving systems will also do the trick. 

  1. Window Seat

Adding a window seat is the most clever way of making a small room look cozy.

Coffee tables, reading areas and bookshelves take up too much space and in order to utilize the limited space that you have, this is the best option.

Not only does it act as the focal point of the room, it also adds storage and won’t block the natural light.

  1. Wooden Beams

Having trouble with slanted ceilings? Don’t worry!

Adding wooden beams as shown in the example below, will give an appealing look and add visual interest. Most importantly, since they’re small, they won’t take up any extra room! 

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

  1. Graded Shelves

Don’t try to hide the slanted ceiling, embrace it!

Just when you thought you couldn’t add bookshelves due to their size. By adding custom graded shelving, the shelves will go ​with​ the slope and get shorter at different heights.

  1. Ceiling Paint

Since we’re on the topic of ceilings, slanted ceilings give the room a smaller look. As mentioned above, lighter shades of paint add an illusion which makes the room appear bigger.

So, try to stick with a paint color like white or cream for the ceiling. 

  1. Tapestry 

Tapestry is a form of textile art, traditionally woven by hand on a loom. It draws the eye upward in a bedroom with slanted walls, which makes the ceiling height seem taller.

Not only that, but this gives a very dreamy look to the room and is a perfect form of decoration.

  1. Light Shade Decor

By opting for a lighter shade of decor, this creates a visual appearance of a bigger space.

It instantly brightens up the room since furniture of darker shades usually overwhelm the space and give the room a messy overall look. 

Be sure to select pieces showcasing a neutral color, preferably airy white.

  1. Decals and Stencils 

Whether you’re in a rented house, or on a budget. This idea is perfect for everyone!

These are extremely easy to use, since you only need to stick and peel them off. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are ideal to those who tend to switch up their room every now and then.

They’re convenient since they’re cheap and available everywhere! 

  1. Skylight

Photo by Alexandar Todov on Unsplash

The last but not the least, skylights!

Although they’re a little more on the expensive side, they’re worth the money.

By installing skylights, you counter the closed space feeling that the slanted ceilings give. Meaning they tend to open up the room and most importantly, they let more natural light in!

Remember when I said more natural light gives an illusion of a bigger room? I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to wake up to the sun shining on their face first thing in the morning.

So get that extra boost of vitamin D! And it gets even better at night because it’ll feel like you’re camping under the stars without the bugs and in a comfortable bed. 


As you can, there are many ways to decorate an attic. The best technique is instead of working against the corners and the slanted walls, try to incorporate your design and make it stand out. Not only does it look creative, it also looks unique.

The attic is actually the best part of the house if you put your mind into it! You can make it look astonishing.

Not only that! Did you know? Having an attic increases the value of your house. So instead of keeping it as a haunted storage room, try to make it look like the coziest place in the house! 



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