Does Your Bedroom Furniture Have to Match?

Absolutely not! If you’ve been wondering if all the furniture in your bedroom had to match to make your room look fancy, forget about it. On the contrary, having different styles mixed up in the same room will make it more interesting and fun.

If you have all matching furniture in your bedroom and are looking for a change, here’s all the information you need.

The whole point of mixing different styles when choosing the furniture for your bedroom is to make the space look unique. If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips that will help you.

Kenny Eliason

Build Your Design Around One Piece

If you have in your room a piece of furniture you already love, don’t even think about replacing it. Start from there to add more pieces that will look good with the ones you already have.

If it’s an antique or second-hand piece, even better. That will give your bedroom a one-of-a-kind, personalized look.

Match Pieces

Mixing up different styles in your bedroom doesn’t mean that there can’t be any marching pieces. The trick is to march only small items. If you choose to match big furniture, they will stand out and the whole idea of mixing styles will be lost.

Put the Focus in the Bed

In every bedroom, the most important piece of furniture is the bed, and that’s where your focus should be. To make the bed stand out avoid matching any other piece of furniture with it, otherwise, the bedroom will look boring. For example, if you have a metal backrest you can try adding wood pieces for contrast.

Kenny Eliason

Mix Up Shapes, Materials, and Styles

Don’t be afraid to be bold. Mix round shapes with rectangular, different fabrics, as well as styles. Make sure to keep things balanced mixing heavy pieces with more airy-looking ones. This will bring harmony to the ambiance.

Repeat a Pattern

Once you’ve selected a shape, a color, and a texture that you like, don’t use it in just one piece of furniture. Repeat the same pattern in different pieces, for example, you can have two items made of different materials but painted in the same color. That way, they will be different but still relate to each other.

The Advantages of the Balance

Keeping the balance of the room is of utmost importance, too few details will give the impression that there’s something missing, while too much will make your bedroom look uninteresting.

Using a decoration where different styles are mixed will be beneficial in the long run. Whenever you want to change something, you can just do it with no need to drive yourself crazy looking for a marching piece.

Mahza D’Brata

What’s more, starting this decoration method in your bedroom may very well be just the beginning. If you loved the end result, you can extend it to other rooms of your house.

Don’t forget to use the comment section to share with me what ideas you came up with to mix different styles with your bedroom furniture.

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