How Much Weight Can an Attic Hold?

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  1. The Floor Frame
  2. The Roof
  3. Conclusion

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On average an attic can hold about 10lbs per square foot.

That’s a lot! But I mean it makes sense right?

The attic is the best place for when you want to utilize space in your house and they are specifically designed to hold storage, but they can even be turned into a bedroom or a functional space. 

To determine how much weight an attic can hold, there are several factors to look at before. 

If your attic is too weak, this could cause serious injury or damage your property because the joists can break. So it’s extremely important to ensure your attic’s strong enough for the storage you place. 

Also, don’t go around placing motorcycles, car engines, or a car. That’s ridiculous! The reason I’m adding this is that some people actually do that or have asked about it. Seriously! When I say an attic is a perfect place to store items in, I don’t mean something large enough to break the whole attic. 

The Floor Frame

The structure of the floor is the first thing to look at. If the floor structure is not solid enough, it cannot hold much weight. 

So how can you determine if the floor structure is solid enough? Well, It can only be strong and sturdy if large joists support it. For example, A floor structure supported with 2×4 joists cannot bear much weight. And an attic with 2×8 or larger boards is considered strong. 

In case of a weak floor structure, it’s best to store empty boxes or lightweight stuff. 

If your attic doesn’t have a floor it might be tempting to walk around on the joists but be mindful of the size and strength! As mentioned earlier, floor joist dimensions really matter since it’s quite common for joists to break if they can’t support heavier weight.

I highly recommend you to not put all of your weight when walking on the joists since they can snap and may cause serious injury. The recommended size is 2×8 or larger and anything below is dangerous. A size 2×6 can hold heavy objects but is not suitable to be walked upon.

The Roof

The roof is another important factor to consider since the condition of it really affects the strength of your attic.

If your roof is damaged or has leakage, then it causes a weakened attic. To check for leakage, check for stains on your roof. 

But be careful! This is really important to consider since you can’t usually tell if your roof is damaged or not. So it’s best to get the attic inspected by a professional. A thorough inspection will identify any problems and ensure that this space is in the most usable condition possible. 


So there you go, attics can hold storage but in a limited amount. Be mindful of your storage despite the strength of your attic, since it’s usually not a good idea to have a large amount of people in the attic or storing extremely heavy things. That could lead to serious consequences.

And in case you’re considering converting the attic into a bedroom, do construct a staircase or a ladder. You don’t wanna be hopping around to get there now do you?


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