How to cool a bedroom with slanted walls?

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The attic can become the hottest room in the house! There are many ways to cool down an attic such as installing fans, sealing any gaps, and proper insulation.

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An attic bedroom is often the coziest place in the house when it’s decorated right.

However, because heat rises in your home, sometimes this space’s height prevents it from providing adequate cooling. This causes serious discomfort during the summer, so you’re left thinking, how do I cool this room?

The ideal temperature for your attic should not exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit

Did you know? Having an attic bedroom actually increases the value of your house. So with the right temperature adjustments, you can make this room an ideal bedroom.

Also, by cooling the attic you don’t just cool that area, you also cool the entire house! And keep the indoor air clean and fresh. 

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8 ways to cool a room with slanted walls

Cooling an attic means keeping the exposure to sunlight limited. Taking measures like curtains and drapes to divert the hot sun rays may aid in the cooling effect.

Without proper ventilation, any room will face an excessive amount of heat. No matter how pretty your attic maybe, if it’s hot and stuffy it loses all its charm and can be extremely uncomfortable!

So without further ado, here are 8 ways to cool an attic: 

Seal any gaps

First and foremost, if you want to retain the cool air inside, you’re gonna have to seal any gaps/windows.

This is an issue that is ignored, but it’s actually one of the most important factors to consider as this makes a huge difference.

These gaps let the hot air inside so if you want to get the most out of the steps you’re going to take to cool down your room, it’s best to start with this first.

Caulking or weather-stripping are some of the ways.

Check The Roof

Before you begin with the cooling process it’s best to inspect the roof to see if it isn’t absorbing the sunlight. Else all your efforts are going to go to waste.

If your roof is not reflective then it’s time to consider investing in reflective shingles. You’ll notice a huge difference in terms of heat. 

Installing Fans

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Fans are the easiest way to cool an attic since it’s budget-friendly and easy to install. Go for an oscillating fan for the best result since it circulates air more than a stationary fan.

The second important thing to consider is the positioning of the fans. If you have more than one fan, try to position the fan towards the ceiling, this results in pushing the hot air downwards.

Also, place a fan near a vent and another one to blow air towards you. 


Every attic has ductwork installed. Hire a professional to check for any improvements since it can help in keeping the attic cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

If you don’t have ductwork installed, consider getting it since it can provide good ventilation too. 

Air Conditioner 

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An air conditioner is another great option whether it’s a portable one or a window-mounted model.

As for the budget however, prices may vary.

Choose an air conditioner which fits your attic, and not anything bigger than that. Else you’ll just be wasting money and energy. This is also a great option to channel air in case you don’t have ductwork. 


Poor insulation results in a hotter room. Although installing proper insulation may require a lot of work, it’s best to do so as it can keep the heat out and make the room cooler.

Add three to four inches of insulation in poorly insulated areas and if your attic is small, then it won’t even take that much time or resources. 


This is the best way to have independent control of the temperature inside the room. Create a thermostat zone for your attic room and you’ll have full control of keeping your attic cool to your liking. The best part is, you can keep it independent of your central thermostat system

Ductless-split systems 

This is another option for when you don’t have ductwork or air conditioner. They might be smaller than an AC but can help in cooling the attic. 


So as you can see there are a lot of ways to cool an attic. And the best part is, you don’t even need to spend that much money!

To get your desired attic bedroom just follow these tips and you can spend your cozy afternoons in peace even during the summer! It’s not too difficult to fix the issue so get to work!

However, if you’re not comfortable doing it on your own then consider hiring a professional to do it for you. 


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