How to Cover a Closet Without Doors

Is there a way to cover a closet without using old-fashioned wooden doors? Of course, there is. And luckily, there are many creative options adjustable to every budget.

While a closet without doors may create a spacious effect in the room, it can also make it look disorganized. Cause let’s be honest, no one has their closet organized 100% of the time. So, while we would love to keep a room with an open plan, there will come a time when we decide the best option to make it look tidier is to cover the closet.

In this article, you’ll find some great ideas to cover your closet stylishly, tutorials on how to do it yourself if you’re a handy person, and ideas that don’t require installation. Let’s take a closer look at the different options that can help you materialize the idea you have in mind.

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Top Ideas on How to Cover a Closet

Whenever I want to decorate a part of my house, it takes me forever to decide on the colors, the style, and every other detail. It’s just difficult for me to imagine how something would look once in the room, and because of that, I go to the internet and search for as many ideas as I can before making a decision. My main source for decorating ideas so far has been Pinterest. Upon extensive research, I’ve compiled my best finding on how to cover a closet without using a door.

Fabric Curtains

Among the ideas at more affordable rates, using curtains to cover your closet takes one of the first places. With the help of a drill and a screwdriver, it’ll only take you a few minutes to install a curtain rod. And that will conclude with the hard part of the task. Then you’ll just have to choose the kind of curtain you’d like.

One thing about this option is that the possibilities of color and styles are endless. You can choose the same color as your bedroom walls, which will almost look like nothing is hiding behind them. On the other hand, you can go for a bold color or pattern that will stand out and look luxurious.

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You can also attach a small hook to the side of the doorway and use a strap made of the same fabric to tie the curtain, providing you with easier access to your clothes.

If you are looking for something more extravagant, you can also use a shower curtain. It may be hard to imagine how a shower curtain would look in a bedroom but you’d be surprised at the lively and unique effect it adds to the room. On the plus side, they can be cleaned without the need to hang them down as with a fabric curtain.

Folding Screens

Folding screens will not only be a great way to cover your closet but will also provide your room with an exotic vibe. If you’re not familiar with folding screens, they are a series of sheets joined by hinges.

Covering your closet is just one of the many uses a folding screen has, as it can also be used to divide a room, create a small changing space with enough privacy, or simply for decorating a wall.

They come in all sizes and colors. Some of the most popular have an Asian style, and others are made of translucent panels, but you can also go for more classic options. Folding screens come in many styles to satisfy every taste.

One of the best things about using folding screens is that there is no installation required. However, there are some things to keep in mind before going for this option. Folding screens take up more space than a curtain, and that’s something you have to consider, especially if you have a small room.

Beads Curtains

This isn’t only a creative way to cover your closet but has also become very popular. Having threads of beads hanging from your closet doorway is something you need to consider. They will make the room look chic, but there are other important characteristics to consider:

  • You’ll not need to hire a professional to install a bead curtain, with a drill and a screwdriver you can do the work yourself in just a few minutes.
  • As with a fabric curtain, beads won’t take up space in your room.
  • Easy access to your clothes, you just need to push them out of the way.

Barn Door

In my research for ways to cover a closet without doors, I run into an article on how to create and install a barn door. I know a door was not what I was looking for, but this is something that really caught my eye.

I’d never heard of barn doors before, but the way it looked once installed really caught my attention and made me look into it a little further.

A barn door is a sliding door, but its visible rail on top of the doorway adds visual interest to the room. What’s more, if you decide to use a mirror instead of a wooden door, it’ll make the room look bigger and you’ll save the need to have a mirror elsewhere.

If you are a handy person, I’ve found many tutorials on how to create a barn door out of an old mirror. If you’re not a DIY person like me, you’d be happy to know many stores sell them ready to install.

While this option is a little pricier than others, if you’re looking to invest a little more in the decoration of your room, this is definitely an option you need to check out.

Room Dividers

Room dividers are a great option to add privacy to some parts of the room, and also to cover your closet doorway.  It consists of two panels attached together with hinges that will cover your closet and still give you easy access to the items inside. They come in all kinds of stylish motives and the best part is, they are really inexpensive.

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These room dividers will not require any kind of installation as you just have to place them in the spot you want them. They do take up more space than other options, but they also make the room look classy. If you have the space to use this kind of cover for your closet, I highly recommend you consider it.

Hide it in style

What I liked the most of all the options I found to cover my closet door is that I could make the installation myself. While hiring a professional may save us some time, it increases the budget of any idea, and that’s not what I was going for on this occasion.

Now my room will look tidier as the mess in my closet will be hidden in a stylish way. Leave us a comment and tell us which method you preferred to cover your closet door without using a door.

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