How to Cover a Doorway Without Door?

If you have a doorway in a room of your house that you’d like to close, you’d be happy to know there are several alternatives to the traditional wooden door. Whether you want to separate two rooms, or are looking to create two smaller spaces in a big room, there are several options for you to consider before making a decision.

Most of the ideas compiled in this article share a key characteristic, they are not permanent. As most of these alternatives don’t require an expensive installation process, you can have them for as long as you want, and change them as many times as you feel like.

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Top Ideas to Cover a Doorway Without Door

Closing a doorway with a door would be the most traditional way to do it and also the most expensive option. Installing a door according to research made in Lowes may cost from $750 to $2000*, including the cost of a door plus the installation service.

I don’t think that a door is always the best and most decorative alternative to close a doorway, especially considering the wide variety of more attractive options. Let’s take a closer look at them.


Using a bookcase to cover a doorway will have a double functionality. You’ll create an interesting division between two rooms, and at the same time, gain storage space. As we mentioned before, a bookcase is a removable option. If you ever get tired of it, you can take it out and replace it with something else.

There are two different kinds of bookcases you can choose from, either the one that you can access from only one side of the room or the one that’s open from both sides. Keep in mind that the one that’s accessible from both sides will provide less privacy and no soundproofing.

Shoji Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are always a great option to cover a doorway, mostly because they do not take up the same space as a regular door when opened. At the same time, Shoji sliding doors add an exotic Asian vibe to any room.

They are mostly made of wood a thick-grained paper that lets the light go through. If you’re trying to divide a room that has only one window, this may be the best choice for you.

However, keep in mind these doors require the installation of a rail, and for that, you’ll probably need to consider hiring a professional.

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Going to simpler yet elegant ways to cover a doorway, you can consider using curtains. One thing about this option is that you can change them often, depending on the style you want to give the room. With an endless number of colors and patterns, curtains are probably the option you won’t get tired of for a long time.

This option may also be the most affordable, so if you’re on a tight budget, curtains are the right way to go. If you’re a handy person, the installation is a very easy process you can try a do by yourself. But if you’ve never done it, many online tutorials will guide you every step of the way.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are normally used to cover windows. However, it’s an interesting alternative to cover a doorway. As they come in different sizes you can choose one that fits your doorway’s width. A good thing about choosing roman shades is that you can leave them up most of the time and pull them down when you’re looking for some privacy.

They come in a wide range of colors and patterns so you can choose one that adjusts to the room’s decoration. This method to cover your doorway is also very low maintenance as you can take the down and wash them in the washing machine every time you see fit.  

Folding Screen

Of all the alternatives to cover a doorway without using a door, this is definitely my favorite. It’s not that the other options aren’t good, it’s just that I found folding screens way more functional.

For one, they come in different sizes, so you can buy one that adjusts exactly to your doorway’s width. They even come in very large sizes, which makes them perfect to create a division in an open-plan room.  

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They also come in all sorts of colors and materials, which allows you to choose one according to the style and decoration you’ve chosen for the room.

As folding screens do not require any kind of installation, you can move them around until you find the perfect spot for them. What’s more, you can just close it and take it away whenever you need it.

Beaded Strings

Beaded strings have become a very popular way to cover a doorway. While the level of privacy is lower, it’ll definitely add a lively yet vintage vibe to the room. Keep in mind that this option offers less privacy, and also offers little to no soundproofing.

As they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors you can choose one that adjusts to your tastes and the general decoration of the room. As for the installation, it won’t be harder than installing a curtain rod, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Choosing the Right Cover

If you’ve decided to cover a doorway, keep in mind the use you want to give the room you’re looking to close. Most of the time, that’s the main factor that will help you decide which one is the best alternative.

Think of how much privacy you need, if you need the room to be soundproof, and if there is a window in the room that will provide you with natural light before making your final decision.

You may also want to take the cost into account. The options that require some sort of installation that you can’t do yourself will be considerably more expensive.

In the comment section, tell us all about the method you’ve selected to cover your doorway, and how you feel about the end result.

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