How To Cover A Doorway Without Door?

Upgrade your space with great alternatives to doors

Doors aren’t the first things to pop into mind when thinking of ways to upgrade your home. Having a door is not always desirable because of the way that it looks, and its size. Swapping your door with something more stylish with the same protection a door would offer is the best way to beautify your place. 

Alternatives to a traditional door include; curtains, beaded strings, folding screens, barn doors, and roman shades.

Reason to Choose Alternatives 

Traditional doors with hinges don’t always look appealing and might make the place look dull. Alternatives are also a safer option, especially if you have kids and the elderly living with you. Traditional doors can get heavy and could make it difficult for kids and an old person to open. Kids might be able to reach the door handle and could get hurt. 

6 Alternatives to Covering a Doorway 

These alternatives are a great way to decorate your house without bearing too much expense. They make your place look more cozy and stylish without taking up too much space like traditional doors. 

1. Vibrant Curtains

Starting with the most popular and inexpensive way to cover your doorway! Curtains come in various types which make them convenient for everyone. For example, thermal curtains could be used to insulate your place and block out the harmful sun rays. 

They’re also a great way to obtain privacy since they close automatically like getting a self-closing privacy door screen that will keep the drafts out of a room and have convenient magnetic closing. 

Not only that, but they give more freedom to decorate according to any theme! Whether it’s a country-inspired theme that is perfect for a modern farmhouse or a Japanese style with beautiful artwork on it. The options are perpetual! 

2. Beaded Strings

Are you a vintage fan? This one’s for you! Beaded strings is a 70’s look and are mostly used for interior designing purpose since the beads come in various colors which gives them a more vibrant look. 

Stylish, low cost, and easy to install are just some of the many perks of this gorgeous look. 

However, it cannot provide you with the same privacy as a door and aren’t soundproof. But they’ll last for a long time and won’t need constant replacing.

3. Folding Screen

Not so much of a traditionalist? Like a modern chic look? Well, folding screens could act as excellent home decor and act as a door too! 

This is particularly for those living in apartments since they’re suitable for open space areas. So consider adding this to your studio apartment to enhance the beauty and add more privacy. 

What’s more, is that it is movable, requires no installation, and pocket friendly. When selecting the type of folding screen, be sure to look into the style and decor of your home to create an aesthetic impact. 

4. Barn Doors

Don’t like the traditional hinged door? Get sliding doors! Barn doors might be as easy to install as beaded strings however, it’s nothing you can’t learn to do! 

One of the many perks of barn doors is that it saves space, and to create a more minimalist look you could get a barn door similar to your wall’s color. 

They are naturally large and give an old rustic feel to your home but do make sure to properly color coordinate to make the place look neat. 

Although it’s used for closets and bedrooms more commonly, you can install barn doors in any room of your liking! 

5. Roman Shades

If you’re somebody looking for an alternative that will suit your privacy needs, look no further! These gorgeous shades made out of bamboo and fabric are mainly known to guarantee privacy. 

They also block out sunlight if you place them over your glass door. Roman shades are more commonly used to cover windows but can be installed to cover doorways too. 

Just make sure it’s in a doorway you’ll use sparsely since they can be quite difficult to walk through. This can be used to an advantage if you want to keep your kids out! However, roman shades made out of bamboo could hurt children. 

6. Shoji Sliding Doors

These Japanese-style doors are the perfect alternative if you want an easy passage from one room to another. Like Roman shades, they also provide complete privacy. 

Japanese shoji sliding doors are made out of rice paper which makes them weightless and is perfect for your children! It gives an elegant look because the design of these doors is so simple and basic yet perfectly designed in a way to allow sunlight into your room, giving your place a more uplifted look. 

They can create an illusion of making your place appear larger too! So what are you waiting for? Get shoji sliding doors installed!


So on an ending note, I’d like to suggest the best option out of the list, and that would be doorway curtains! They’re easy to install and provide you with the best results. But, either way, whatever you choose, a doorway without a door is the cheapest and least complicated alternative way of covering your doorway. 

As you can see above, the advantages of having these alternatives are never-ending. Also, leaving your doorway naked with no covering also leaves you with a good deal of additional space, and because your doorway has no coverings, your room is brighter as well. 

However, do not go for these alternatives if you’re thinking about using them for your front door. A traditional hinged door with a lock is the safest option since anyone can break into your house. 

Hope this was helpful!


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