Why My Bedroom Gets So Dusty

If no matter how much you clean, you keep finding your room full of dust, let me tell you, you’re not the only one. When the same thing kept happening to me time and time again, I started doing some research on the subject. You’d be happy to know I’ve found several reasons why your room is so dusty and better yet, how to fix it.

Top 6 Reasons Why My Bedroom Gets So Dusty

Here are my findings on the reason why your room gets so dusty, and some tips to prevent this from happening:

The Area Where You Live

As simple as it sounds, if you live in a centric area, that’s probably the main reason why your bedroom gets so dusty. A busy street with the exhaust of cars, and the wind may bring a lot of dust into your room.

Your Pets

I love them to death, but to be honest, it took some getting used to the constant dog and cat hair around every room of the house. No matter how much I clean the house or how often I comb my pets, their hair attaches to every piece of furniture, to the rug, under the bed, and to every other corner of the house, you may imagine.

There is nothing you can do to prevent your pet from losing hair and being scattered by the wind. However, you need to keep in mind that if you have a pet in your house cleaning will be pretty much a full-time job.

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Uncleaned Appliances

Some of your household appliances are changed with an electric current that attracts dust. Once they are attached to this equipment, they’ll scatter all over the room if you don’t clean them on time.

Some of the appliances that attract dust the most are air conditioners and fans, among others. Make sure to clean them regularly.

Be Aware of Your Cleaning Habits

If you use a duster to make your cleaning, you may want to reconsider. Although its name implies that it was created to remove dust, what it actually does is to make any, dust, dead skin flakes, hair, or clothes fabric fly around the room and settle somewhere else.

The best way to keep your room clean is to use a vacuum. That way, you’ll be sure that every particle that was touched by the vacuum got sucked in and did not spread around the room.

Changing your cleaning habits for others proved to be more effective will automatically show impressive results.

Carpets and Rugs

Rugs and carpets are the perfect hiding spot for dust, hair, dead skin flakes, food and drink leftovers, and much more. If you don’t pay special attention to your rugs and carpets when you do the cleaning, you’ll have an endless dust supply that will gradually move around the house, giving you that feeling that no matter how much you clean, dust just doesn’t go away.

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Dead Skin Cells and Hair

Just like me, you probably do not want to think of your skin cells spreading around the room. Unfortunately, our body produces a lot of particles that may be perceived as dust. There is no way to avoid this, so you can only adopt effective cleaning habits to get rid of as many human residues as possible. 

How to Reduce the Dust in my Bedroom

Upon researching every possible reason why my room seems to be so dusty all the time, I took some time to look for possible solutions besides regular and diligent cleaning. Here’s what I’ve found:

Change your Bedding Weekly

Keeping your sheets and covers clean will show a positive impact on the general dusty feeling of your room. Most of the dead skin cells and hair generally accumulate in your bed. Changing your sheets at least weekly will help you reduce the number of particles that fly around the room.

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Use a Damp Cloth

As we mentioned before, the best way to get rid of the dust particles in your room is to vacuum, because you’ll make sure you’re not just making them fly around the room as with a duster. Another effective way to get the same result is to use a damp cloth to clean your floors. Whether with cleaning solutions or just plain water, you’ll get to catch every duct particle on your floors.

Dust Screens

If you’ve never heard of these, dust screens are fine mesh nettings that you can place over your windows to prevent the dust from getting in. You’ll find these are quite effective if you live in a centric area, close to busy streets, or if there are constructions nearby. Some of them are even removable for you to put down and wash whenever necessary.

Air Purifier

These are designed to filter the allergens from the air, getting rid of the dust in the room. Some kinds of air purifiers can even be installed in your air conditioning system. This may require you to clean the filters every now and then, but it’ll be totally worth it.

It’s all about the cleaning

After finding out about the reason why my bedroom always seems to be dusty and the possible ways to fix it. I’ve found the solution is all about cleaning. Having good cleaning habits and using the right method will make a difference in the amount of dust that accumulates in my bedroom.

Using a vacuum or a dump cloth instead of a duster seems to be a pretty simple solution to put into practice. While a dust screen and air purifier seem to be solutions for when things have gotten out of hand.


I’ve found several useful cleaning tips that seem very simple to put into practice. I’ll start there and see if I notice a difference.

Leave us in the comment section which one of these reasons is the one affecting you the most, and what possible solutions you will adopt to get rid of the dust.

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